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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 26, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hey, what are you doing here? >> it is a surprise appearance. >> this is like a late christmas present. i know you didn't buy me anything, so at least i get this. >> it's in the mail. >> top of the news this hour. a fast-moving wildfire in southern california threatening dozens of homes, hundreds of firefighters trying to battle the flames fueled by high winds. >> and iraqi forces gaining ground in an effort to retake a key city back from isis. why the battle is so crucial
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and 2016 is on the horizon. can you believe that? that means new year's resolutions are in order. we know what julie's are. studies show we rarely keep them. she never does. but we have suggestions that could, well, maybe make yours stick this time around. >> yeah. i'll believe it when i see it. we begin now with the devastating storms and tornados battering the southeast. 17 people dead. dozens of people, families are homeless. you can see the path of destruction left behind by one tornado in mississippi. as it completely leveled buildings and tore up the land in its path. brian yennis live. >> reporter: 17 people are now dead after two more bodies were found in mississippi today. unseasonably cool weather spawning severe weather all week. tornados and flooding from
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arkansas to tennessee to mississippi, leaving dozens of families homeless for the holidays. on christmas night in alabama, a tornado touching down in the state's capital, birmingham. three homes reportedly destroyed. some people were trapped inside, trees downed. several people taken to hospitals for minor injuries. no deaths reported. >> it was pouring down. heavy rain. then all of a sudden the glass in the window just broke out. it felt like someone was clawing the tin off the house, the roof. >> when i walked out my door, i just heard chaos. seen people trapped in the car, old lady trapped in the car. i helped her out. >> three days of heavy rainfall. the governor meeting with engineers in alba, alabama, who
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reassured him the river will stay below the city's levee. 200 roads are closed. flood warnings in effect for northern a alabama. in mississippi, more than 100 homes and businesses damaged. more than 60 people injured. families spending christmas day collecting their longings among scattered debris. but communities are rallying today donating gifts to children and families left homeless from the storms. cleanup and recovery taking place in tennessee, where six people died. and arkansas, where heavy flooding took another life. >> brian, thank you very much. for more on where the severe storms could be heading, let's bring in janice dean for more. hi, j.d. >> this is like a spring time storm. 18 in denver. 80s across portions of the tennessee river valley, the
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southeast. so you can see the clash of the two air masses. the windchill, it feels like below zero in some cases. one of the main ingredients we need for severe weather is the clash of those two air masses. and we have tornado watches in effect until 8:00 p.m. for parts of texas, through oklahoma. several storms here doppler radar indicated. we are seeing confirmed reports of tornados south of the dallas area. south of mcallister, a storm there. overnight, we have enhanced risk over texas and oklahoma. that will continue into the overnight hours and through tomorrow. so if you have a noaa weather radio, make sure it's on. texas, louisiana, mississippi, and arkansas.
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all right. we will see the potential for flooding. in some cases a foot of rainfall monday and tuesday. we have flood warnings in effect already ahead of the storm system. a dozen states under flash flood watches or warnings. and then the snow, blizzard conditions across texas, new mexico, oklahoma and kansas. this could be an historic storm in terms of the blizzard conditions and how much snow they are going to see. you do not want to be on the roadways. this is a dangerous storm sunday through monday. between that, we will see the mix of freezing rain or ice. we haven't even talked about the icing component. dangerous monday into tuesday across the great lakes and the northeast on tuesday. a long lasting storm that will affect millions of people. texas, oklahoma, kansas, watches here too. we will see a period of time of
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over 30 to 40-mile-per-hour winds blowing the snow around. people are urged to stay inside. you look at the temperatures. of course we've been dealing with warm conditions. record-setting temperatures across the east coast. behind it, some of the coldest air of the season. so a dynamic system, greg and julie. we will track it into monday and tuesday. one of the busiest travel days of the weekend. make sure you are urged to stay inside if you're in any of the areas i talked about. >> wow. a weather dichotomy in the extreme. we will check back with you, j.d. >> we will be getting back on the campaign trail after they wrap up their holiday break. we are just over a month away from the iowa caucus us. the very first contest in the fight for the white house. kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: hey, julie.
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all quiet on the campaign trail. there were zero events christmas eve, christmas day or today. things will pick up tomorrow and ramp up on monday. martin o'malley will start through iowa. bernie sanders in nevada. republican candidates will get back on monday. kasich trump, will be in new hampshire. jeb bush will hold three events in his home state of florida. rand paul doesn't have anything on his calendar until well after the new year. he is asking supporters for donations. watch. >> still over half the people out there up decided. we have a real shot of winning. we have a great ground game in iowa, new hampshire. we need your help. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders broke the record for the most contributions at this point in the campaign. he earned $2.3 million in
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individual contributions. hillary clinton is heading in with a double digit lead, which is why her campaign is focusing not on her primary opponent but possible matchup. >> no with one is going to stop him. he's like frankenstein's monster. when you attack one woman, you attack all women. >> donald trump is heading in more dominant than ever. he is at 37%. these candidates have 37 days to go until the iowa caucus. julie. >> kristin fisher, thanks very much. well, the republican presidential field a crowded one these days. as it stands right now, fox news
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poll showing trump with 39% of support. well, behind him in second is senator ted cruz with 18%. many of the remaining candidates showing no signs of backing out. former white house aid. good to see you both. doug, let me begin with you. >> sure. >> trump may be headed into the fox poll. i know you saw the quinnipiac poll. let's focus on iowa. our fox poll has cruz leading trump 28% to 26%. if cruz manages to pull off a
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win in iowa, does have that an immediate and dramatic impact on the primaries that follow? >> absolutely, greg. i think that cruz is counting on a big win in iowa, fueled by evangelicals. trump will need to bring out a large vote that hasn't voted in iowa. he needs to have a chance to stop cruz. it will affect the momentum throughout the south. the real question, will it reduce trump's big lead there. that to me is the big question. >> notable also is that trump support in a general election is down in the latest fox poll. rubio and cruz do better either beating or tying clinton. there you see. and this isn't just the fox poll. same results particularly in two other polls. trump actually loses to clinton.
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let's go to the next one by 11 points. a month ago trump was pattying clinton by five points. so that's a swing of 16 points. he has lost ground by 16 points in a mere month. what do you make of that? >> i wouldn't put too much stock into that. because it's going to change again and again. trump is a very, very favorable to the base. so first he's got to win the nomination. then take on clinton. he's not even head to head with hillary clinton. i think she gets her clocked cleaned. he's so good at it. he has dominated. she has trouble. she's not bill clinton. bill clinton is so good at it too. i think head to head trump will beat her. >> glad you brought up bill clinton. hillary clinton is pulling out
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what she calls her not so secret weapon, her husband bill. the former president expected to play a big role in the new and more combative days of hillary clinton's presidential campaign as he stumps for his wife in important early states. peter nicholas of the wall street journal has a story. he writes, "throwing mr. clinton into the mix could further escalate the rhetoric between the trump and clinton campaigns. in the 2008 presidential race, the former president would bristle at criticisms directed at his wife and got in hot water when he suggested barack obama's victory in the south carolina primary was less significant because of the large african-american vote." well, doug, you know, "the wall street journal" is reporting this. would it be a mistake to go
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after bill clinton as opposed to hillary clinton? >> what i said, greg, having worked with bill clinton during the lewinsky matter, all that happened when they attacked him for that is his numbers went up. and i think if donald trump makes the judgment that this campaign should be about past in discretions rather than the challenges america is facing now about economically here and overseas, i think donald trump would be making a mistake and playing into hillary's plans >> dee dee, hillary clinton lost iowa last time around. how concerned should she be this time? >> she should be very concerned. she is not a retail politician. going back to bill, he's great at it. she has her private jet. she's not good with the down home folk. and i'm from iowa. i work this caucus. it is is very hand to hand. and you've got to be there. i don't know. who knows what bernie sanders
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can do. his people are motivated. i think she could absolutely lose iowa. she did it before and she could do it again. in talking about bill, look, when he's in the room, it is like marcia, marcia, marcia. bill is in the room and he steals all the thunder. having that comparison is not really very good. i think i would keep bill on the campaign trail raising money but don't have him standing next to jan. if marcia is in the room, forget it. >> you just made my day. i've heard many comparisons. none to the brady bunch. >> dee dee, doug, happy holidays. >> same to you, greg. >> same to you. >> well, a major rebel commander killed in syria. will it lead to more targeted killings by president assad and his allies? plus, a crucial victory over isis could soon be at hand.
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a potentially deadly blow to peace talks in syria. a top sorry is yann rebel is reportedly killed in an air strike, targeting headquarters in damascus. the fight against president assad. but the death of the rebel commander reportedly at the hands of russia is could bolster the syrian leader as he tries to keep his grip on power after years of civil and sectarian war. a retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. thank you very much for talk to go us. russia taking out this key syrian rebel leader. it helps assad, the russians and isis big time. can you explain? >> yeah, sure. the guy that they took out was the leader, as you pointed out, of not just his own group but also he was very well respected by a lot of the other rebel
1:20 pm
groups. and he's a very charismatic figure. where the russians took him out is at a meeting where they were talking about, among other things, after two months, some peace talks where we could maybe come to a political solution to this thing. but also they were going to take a bunch of isis fighters that have been holed up in the palestinian refugee camp south of damascus and get them back into isis-held territory. that sounds strange. the deal was constructed between the assad regime, rebel groups and isis. because the assad regime, one of the bad actors out of the camp. the isis directors wanted them pack. now that they have killed this game, ayloush was going to guarantee free passage. two things have blown up in the short time. it made it more problematic to start peace talks january 25th, which is what the u.n. was hoping for.
1:21 pm
the other thing is the deal to get the better actors out. >> how much intelligence did russia have before carrying out the air strike? >> good question. because what they did was they didn't use gps-guided bombs. they didn't use anything like that. they used rockets. ten rockets. rockets come either from an aircraft in a dive or a helicopter. you have to know the building. rockets are not very accurate. you have to deliver them up close and personal. >> so you think they knew he was there? >> absolutely. >> the target? >> absolutely. and also that probably means they had eyes on the ground. watching him go in that building, knowing that the building was. and the guys who delivered the weapons had to be close. they had to find the buildings. like i said, the rockets are not guided, they have to put them on the building. >> we have to move to ramadi.
1:22 pm
iraqi troops are going there. they are intending to fight isis on the ground. these are iraqi troops trained by united states troops. the question, though, are are they properly armed and trained to fight isis on the ground without u.s. backing? >> well, the u.s. is backing them with air power. >> air power. but what about on the ground? that's the question. >> on the ground -- and i know one of the special forces senior officers who has been involved in training the sunni tribes for some period of time over in iraq. and these folks, they would not put them into combat if they were not ready. the last thing they want to see is a defeat. as it looks now, they are rolling up isis. they are now within about a half mile of the government complex, which is probably going to be fort apache for isis in ramadi. >> it includes sunni muslims trained by the united states. how crucial, critical, is this ground fight in moving forward?
1:23 pm
this really does set the stage. >> it does. because, as i said, just as they wouldn't put them in because they couldn't stand a defeat. a victory in this case could be an emotional and momentum turning point in this whole effort to regain footing for the baghdad deposit. because fallujah would be next. after fallujah comes mosul. and mosul is the second largest city in iraq. and isis took that over a year ago. they have had plenty of time to mine i.e.d., booby-trap, whatever you want to call it. they've dug in and are ready for the fight there. this will be a crucial test for the troops. >> i want to talk politics. not just president assad. i'm talking about united states politics and the run for the white house. looking forward, what needs to be done in iraq in particular in order to properly train these troops? do we need more troops in iraq that are essentially going to
1:24 pm
infiltrate syria in order to get the job done? >> i think we follow on with what is winning. if these guys take ramadi, that will boost their morale, show we're on the right track with them. we keep working with success. the other thing we need to do is we need to start arming the kurds directly. we need to arm them directly. >> captain chuck nash, thank you. always interesting stuff. my pleasure, julie. two of california's famous highways shutting down from a fast-moving wildfire. dozens have been told get out of your home right now. the latest on this growing threat next. and president obama speaks out about this week's deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan during his family's annual christmas visit to troops stationed in hawaii. and during this holiday season, we remember all of our
1:25 pm
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fox news alert. fast-moving fire shutting down twoft most scenic highways in southern california. nearby beach communities being forced from their homes as hundreds of firefighters work to control the growing flames. will carr live in los angeles. what's the latest with this fire? >> reporter: hey there, greg. well, the fire started last night about an hour north of us here in los angeles. and it raced down towards the coast. at the time it jumped the 101
1:30 pm
freeway, strappeding some drivers. others had to get on the wrong side is of the interstate to&start driving to get away from the flames. they shut down 13 miles of the 101 and the nearby pacific coast highway. the fire quickly threatened 50 to 60 homes in the area, prompting mandatory evacuations. so far it burned 1,200 acres. it is 10% contained. they have strong concerns about winds this afternoon. they say that the terrain is making it hard to stop this fire from spreading. >> the terrain is very steep and broken. it is difficult to get in place. it is difficult to get a continuous ridge. it is very eroded.
1:31 pm
a lot of slides. the grass is bone dry and helping to spread the fire really quickly. >> shutting down portionings of 101 and pch. big bear lake always gets hit with something. what do we know about the fatal fire in big bear? >> yeah. that's right. a tragic fire on christmas inside a mobile home. a mother and three children were killed in the father. the father grabbed a hose and tried to spray down the home. it was like watching a water gun on a volcano, say witnesses. >> will carr, live in los angeles. will, thanks for the update. president obama taking time-out of his vacation to troops stationed at marine corps. base in hawaii. it has become a tradition during
1:32 pm
their annual vacation on oahu. this coming four days after six key west service members. kevin joins us live from honolulu. hi, be kevin. >> reporter: hey, julie, good day to you. even in a time of celebration when millions of americans quite frankly will be spending time with friends, families, and loved ones, this is a time of devastating loss and not just in general for the nation but in particular for the families of the six u.s. service members, as you pointed out, who were killed in the devastating bombing in afghanistan. folks were there trying to do what they could for the people of afghanistan. a bomber on a bicycle detonated an improvised explosive device. now, the transfer of their bodies offering a stark picture
1:33 pm
of the cost of freedom. that's something the commander in chief alluded to in his remarks on christmas day. >> as we know, you know, when you're deployed overseas, it's tough. even though we have been able to reduce the number of folks who were deployed in places like iraq and afghanistan, there are still folks over there every single day. and it's still dangerous, as we saw this past week. we had outstanding brave men and women who were killed. >> and of course they were doing what they could to keep us save. as you heard the president allude to there. i think this is important. that has become a staple of his visit to the 50th chance for t the first lady to spend time with those serve issing our countries. many of them you saw in the
1:34 pm
pictures doing so thousands and thousands of miles away from home. >> thank you very much, kevin. imagine getting divorced and then realizing it was a mistake. the divorce, not the marriage. then trying to undo the divorce. only to have a court say, no deal. you're going to have to stay split. well, that happened to one couple. so do they have any options? our legal panel is here to weigh in. plus, a miracle in milwaukee. the gift one family received after their house was destroyed in a fire. >> everybody coming together to help is wonderful. i didn't expect this.
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and welcome back. the supreme court upholding a
1:39 pm
lower court ruling refusing to undo a couple's divorce. they were married 24 years, broke up, mended faces. they argued their divorce was false because they reconciled. well, in a unanimous ruling the justice says the law specifically laws them, the court to, grant divorces but not undo them. let's bring in defense attorneys eric gunther and keisha heaven will be joining us. the law seems to make sense. sorry. this is what you wanted. we gave you what you wanted. there are no do-overs. this is not baseball in third grade. agree? >> you're absolutely right. the production room needs to be playing cheaper to keep her. what they did is ridiculous. they were married 24 years. they divorced. they had to go through the paperwork, court proceedings. and the judge will ask you you
1:40 pm
want to do this? they said yes. in many states, couples have the option of undoing the divorce in a certain amount of time, which this couple did. they went almost a year later to go back and ask the court, please undo the divorce so that it is just like we never, ever got divorce, which is absolutely as asinine. >> fraud, accident, mistake or misfortunes are the reasons, correct? >> absolutely correct. court has built-in correctors. if someone fraudulently took their girlfriend down to act like their wife to get a divorce. a mistake spelling or mistake filing. they are built in to make sure if there is something wrong that both parties did not totally
1:41 pm
agree with, that both parties did not understand, they go back and face it. they clearly knew all the details and what they were doing. they tried to blame the court and say, hey, it's your fault we can't undo our divorce. >> keisha heben now. do you agree with eric about this? you know, the high court in new hampshire did the right thing, sorry, no do-over. >> i do agree. as a divorce attorney i see all the time the courts have in place certain questions that you ask divorcing couples right before they are actually divorced. you ask are you entering into this freely and voluntarily. is there any chance of reconciliation. they made sure you had i reconcilable differences for at least three months prior to filing. and i thi the only recourse is later on down the road you should file again. sit not fair to attorneys. >> there are some states is,
1:42 pm
eric was talking about this a moment ago. illinois, nebraska, mississippi, arkansas, maryland, and kentucky that will allow a do-over. you can get it vacated or thrown out. but only if you ask for it within a stated time frame like a year. does that make any accepts? >> i don't think it makes any sense. it is going to belabor the judicial system. divorcing is a very hard decision to make. but if we allow this in every state, think of all the litigants who will come back with a change of heart. they should remarry and go through the process. they will think about it even more as opposed to saying we change our mind. >> eric, i mentioned a ago some of the legal exceptions. one of them is misfortune.
1:43 pm
i have absolutely no idea what that means. i suppose it could mean anything you want. apparently this couple has some business interests that the divorce complicates financially. does that constitute miss fortu or is that too big a stretch? >> they waited so long to effect change. if couples change their mind within a reasonable amount of time, even some of the other states will actually undo the divorce if it is not stated in the law. you have the real rules and the local rules. and some of those local jurisdictions will undo them. i have seen it done. you what you have in this case is someone almost like they are taking back a sweater at christmas and say, i don't want to undo this divorce. i don't want to get divorce. so let me just change my mind like the ugly christmas sweater you got on yesterday.
1:44 pm
>> we're not going to talk about that. keisha, no divorce state. i was really stunned when i first moved to new york and learned -- i was were single at the time, by the way -- that in new york you have to prove a specific grounds or the courts would never give you a divorce even if both couples sort of agreed. you had to prove certain grounds. that's no longer the case in new york. boy, that seems like a frightening scenario now in retrospect. >> i know new jersey requires you to prove grounds to be divorced. it is for the same reason. we want to know extreme cruelty existed at least six months or more. you were separated at least 18 months. that way people are not coming in on a rash or rush decision saying, you know what, i changed my mind. i always ask the client, did you try marriage counseling before
1:45 pm
you walked down this road. >> good idea. we were talking about this during the break. she said how about no reason at all. like i just don't want to be married anymore. i don't love you anymore or something like that. >> a lot of states are like that, though. we're in the microwave generation. people want instantaneous gratification. let me file my paperwork and be free in 30 days. some states are that way right now. people sometimes change their mind. most times they change their mind about getting married. they want to send her back, find the gift receipt. >> yeah. i would want my money back. >> your money back. >> yeah, absolutely. >> what kind of money back do you want? >> i don't know. or just time. >> a big do over. i would like the money back that i spent on my wedding. >> that was a little extreme. now big time money. eric, keisha, good to see you
1:46 pm
both. happy holidays to you. >> i would never want a divorce from you, though, greg. i just want to get it out there. >> aw, i know you don't mean that. >> i do. i've thought it over. i actually hate this time of year where we all have to attach ourselves to new year's resolutions. half of us do abandon them in the first few weeks. >> plus, during the festive time of the year, we wish all the men and women in our armed services who keep us safe a very happy holiday season. >> i want to wish all my friends and family back in woodbury, minnesota, a marry christmas and happy new year. i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree.
1:47 pm
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now that christmas is over and we are all ten pounds heavier, it's time to think about your new year's resolution. it seems we rarely keep them. i don't need to tell you that. we have suggestions that could make this year different. dr. rad cliff is a private physician and anesthesiologist.
1:51 pm
you say setting goals is key. you need to have a goal in mind to collfollow through. >> we have to come wup with the resolution, then a plan. you have to have a map or you are not going to do it. 25% of resolutions are abandoned in seven days and 8% achieve them. the key is create a plan. >> let's go through your point system, if we can call it that. let's start with fuel as fuel. physical activity is something we need to incorporate in your lives year round and managing stress, they are things we deal with year round. stress is a huge contributor to weight gain. how do we stick to these and our resolution? >> one thing i encourage my patients, think of your body as an exotic sports car. you are not going to put in low
1:52 pm
octane. >> say i drive, oh, i don't know, something convertible, very very -- >> ferrari? >> i don't know, ime not a big fan of them. >> i encourage you to put the best fuel in. that means things that are beneficial. >> high octane. i believe in spending more money in good fuel. that's how we need to treat our bodies. there's the mindfulness, the thoughtfulness, things i'm accused of lacking. how do we get that drive to want to do better? >> live in the moment. that's where life is. if you live in the past, you are not enjoying the moment. having attention. this is a constant we are going to hear more about, be mindful about the moment, what we are eating, the time we are enjoying. we are enjoying the moment. >> i think sleep is the most important factor here. we can tell ourselves to set a goal and be in bed by a certain
1:53 pm
time and asleep. that includes putting down your phone, your computer and turning off the television. >> sleep is one of the most important things we can do. it's one of the things we most likely put on the back burner. we try to spend more time finishing the to-do list. we need eight hours of sleep. there is a myth as we get older, we don't need much thachlt is not true. eight hours. make it a priority. you are less likely to have heart disease, sleep apnea. they are great things to do. >> don't lay in bed with your husband and text on your cell phones. that's what we like to do. that's our quality time, we lay in bed on electronic devices separately and read the internet. that's a bad thing. i think our relationship and the way we interact. spending more quality time would make you feel more complete.
1:54 pm
>> mindfulness. >> there you go. doctor radcliff, thank you very much. happy holidays to you. >> kindness and warmth of spirit is something you want to think about. stop mocking and ridiculing greg. i want to tell our folks about a true christmas miracle in milwaukee. a fire decimated a home. the city and local organizations worked together to give the family a new home as well as $20,000 for republican novations. the entire family saying they are grateful to the community of milwaukee for receiving such a gift, inspired by the christmas spirit. i tell you, i know some people in milwaukee. i visited there. wonderful people. they are true folks from milwaukee. what generosity. >> very uplifting story. a shopping spree for the record books where millions of bargain hunters are hitting the stores looking for post christmas sales.
1:55 pm
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shoppers in australia hitting the stores in a big way as they celebrate what is known as boxing day. hundreds of thousands staking out shops around the country hoping to catch in on holiday deals. some sleeping outside their favorite stores. a big shopping day every year, the ceo of the australian shopping association expecting records to be broken. boxing day traditionally celebrated this day of christmas in the united kingdom. the story is too long to explain why boxing day. once again, santa came to your abode and left nothing for you. you were naughty for you. >> he got me a prego pillow. it's the shape of my husband. thanks. did you get anything of note? >> nothing like that.
2:00 pm
>> i wrap it up. her blue suede loafers. >> blue suede shoes. don't wear them much, but i have them. bye bye. this year, we saw widening war and terrorism overseas. and violence that hit us at home. >> they yelled down the hall, said there's a shooting downstairs, there's a shooting downstairs. >> we saw images of agony and scenes of hope. along with wild times in politics. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> don't worry, we didn't forget about the la mas. >> we see all kind of weird stuff in new york, but not


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